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We would like to thank God for the incomprehensible and great works that He has been doing through this ministry in the lives of individuals and different nations worldwide. This ministry has recorded many testimonies of all kind, which includes confirmations to accurate and cutting edge prophecies with undeniable and unarguable evidence - as we continue our journey with the Most High King we are trusting Him for many more in this year and beyond as the Lord has promised us Greater Harvest.

Perhaps, you are visiting this site for the first time or you have visited it before. Whatever the situation may be, together with my team, be rest assured that we are honoured and delighted that you have taken your precious time to visit this website. Welcome!!!

Prophet Austin Moses Ministries ((PAMM) [Voice of Prophecy] is not a church, rather a mouthpiece of God to nations of the earth - We have been operating as Voice of God for over two decades. PAMM has recorded many undeniable and proven testimonies from nationals of various countries worldwide. We are also known as a ministry that, "prophesies a thing and it happens within 24 hours.

PAMM communicate the will of God in the earth realm to compel Countries, Nations, Kings, Queens and Governments to submit to the imperial and authoritative Kingdom of God.

PAMM [Voice of Prophecy] is one of God's agents of change on earth. Whenever God wants to bring a change to any situation He always raises prophets and send them forth to carry out the assignment.

It is true that even now there are false prophets in the World, leading many astray (Matthew 24:11; 24) but there are still true prophets of God.

Browse our website and if you have any prayer requests, comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Once again welcome and we do hope to see you again! Kindly stay connected in order to be up-to-date with all our upcoming events There's much more to come!!! Remain blessed as always!!!!!!


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